Build and run serverless applications on AWS. Serverless computing lets companies build and run their applications without thinking about servers. These companies get new applications to market faster since there is no server provisioning or management required. They also save on infrastructure costs because there are no charges for idle server capacity. With the AWS serverless platform, you can build powerful applications or backend services in a shorter amount of time, and everything required to run and scale your application with high availability is handled by AWS.

What exactly is serverless?

Serverless in The Cloud

Though the cloud provides many benefits even in infrastructure-as-service models. There are still virtual-machines to manage. There are operating systems to patch. There are operating system dependent components to take into account.

With Platform-as-a-Service you get closer to the serverless space. There are no more operating systems to manage, no more virtual-machines. There are still capacity requirements, scaling to maintain and the inability to scale down to zero (0).

The serverless model brings your business closer to the ideal pay-as-you-go and only for what you use. One of serverless biggest advantages is the ability to scale to zero (0). If no one is using the application, then you shouldn’t pay for it. Some consider this to also be a drawback and it can depending on the use case.

How Does CloudArt Help

We can help you decipher the landscape of serverless functions, databases and storage systems. When modernizing or creating new applications, trust a partner that has experience not just in serverless but in the entire infrastructure stack.

  • Should the entire application be serverless
  • Which components or microservices are best fit for serverless
  • What are the drawbacks of using serverless workloads
  • How do you optimize flows to non-serverless services
  • Create orchestration pipelines for experimentation, testing and production

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