Cloud Consulting

Is moving to the public cloud right for your business? How much value can you extract from the public cloud? How much value does keeping a hybrid strategy provide? When CxO’s consider the public cloud as a viable business solution, questions that come up are not about technical requirements. These questions should encompass terms such as. How do we extract the most value for our investment? What business requirement brings us to the cloud? What problem are we trying to solve?

Value Proposition

With experience consultants and experts in secure cloud-computing migrations and greefield deployments. CloudArt can play an invaluable role in the path to your cloud journey. The cloud’s value proposition has many faces, of which are understanding TCO. Upfront costs are now substituted with monthly recurring costs. Does it make sense for your business? Why does this model offer more flexibility? Being agile and speed to market is more valuable today than it’s ever been before. With the cloud you can deploy customer experiences and features faster than ever.

How do Help

Businesses need assistance understanding the public cloud and what it takes to be successful on that journey.

We can assist you in figuring out.

  • Understand the problem to be solved
  • What the TCO (total cost of ownership) estimate will be.
  • What value does an OpEx model bring.
  • Should the business go all-in on cloud or have a phased approach?
  • Why does the business have a cloud-strategy at all?
  • What does agility really mean and how to utilize it to delivery business outcomes.

The value of cloud is in more than just being data-center less, there are many approaches to extracting value. We can assist your business become agile, delivery faster, and be more secure than ever.

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The solutions and services provider with the focus in helping others.

  • Solve Business Problems
  • Deliver Business Outcomes
  • Become cloud-native
  • Innovate and advocate change
  • Be DevOps focused through automation and culture
  • Secure and agile
  • Have a successful cloud journey

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