Cloud Assessments

Wondering if you’re applications are ready for the public cloud? By performing a cloud readiness assessment, we’ll raise the probability of success during the cloud journey. Being ready for the cloud means more than just a shift in financial models. It means making sure cost is optimized, workloads are optimized and full value is being extracted. Already running workloads in the cloud? By performing an assessment of your current environment, we will make sure that best practices are being utilized. We will emphasize the current security posture of your applications and cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Readiness Assessments

Analyzing the current on-premises workloads and making them ready for the public cloud is as important as the process of migration to the cloud.

  • Take inventory of all relevant workloads
  • Gather application dependencies
  • Properly size infrastructure VMs
  • Analyze on-premises security posture and optimize for cloud
  • Map application dependencies

    • App-to-App communication paths
    • App-to-DB communication paths
    • Internal and External dependencies
  • Workloads that can and should move vs those that should stay on-premises

Current Cloud Workload Assessments

Is your business already running part or all applications in the public cloud? If so, assessing your current environment and architecture should be top priority. By utilizing CloudArt’s years of expertise in public and hybrid cloud security, application optimization and large scale desgins. Your business can be sure that it’s running at optimum levels.

  • Assess Security Posture
  • Analyze Application Performance
  • Discover Areas of Improvement
  • Be ready to become cloud-native
  • Assess policy and access levels
  • Assess optimum connectivity and cloud network
  • Discover cost optimization techniques

A large percentage of organizations already in the public cloud are not cloud-native? Is yours? We will help you decipher what this really is.

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  • Secure and agile
  • Have a successful cloud journey

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