Moving Forward

What does it mean to keep moving forward as a business? With hundreds and at times thousands of new service and product releases from public cloud providers. How do you choose? Does moving forward mean you constantly have to change the services you consume? That your own product needs to be in constant flux?

Keep Moving

Just as football players, running backs, wide receivers and all skill position players are thought to keep their legs moving, so should an organization. There’s no guaranteed of success with motion, though there’s an absolute guarantee of failure if stillness occurs.

Defining Movement and Change

It’s important to recognize and set how your organization defines moving forward and innovation. No one person or company innovates the same way. Change often and change fast! But what do you change? What’s keeping you from innovating?

By creating a culture of transparency and making employees feel safe and secure. More often than not the best way to find out what needs change is to ask. This can be your customers, your partners, though your employees can provide more information than anyone. You see, they are customers as well, they consume your culture, your products and competitor products.

How do you move towards change?

  • Set goals greater than feasible
  • Hold those accountable for their part
  • Control the outcome
  • Provide a clear message


Change the market! To truly innovate one must ask why?. Why would someone buy or consume your product or service. Why would you choose us vs others for your cloud services? Many claim to be the best. The best is only true if the consumer chooses you as the best? Why do you do what you do?

Make the why you do business the reason you keep innovating. Make your customers, partners, employees and consumers an integral part of that decision tree.


The solutions and services provider with the focus in helping others.

  • Solve Business Problems
  • Deliver Business Outcomes
  • Become cloud-native
  • Innovate and advocate change
  • Be DevOps focused through automation and culture
  • Secure and agile
  • Have a successful cloud journey

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