AWS Serverless Updates

As the Serverless development model begins to host and run many production and mission critical applications. It is important to align with application and business needs. The ever increasing innovation in the space makes can make ever difficult to keep track of all features and benefits.

Amazon API Gateway Serverless Developer Portal

For developers that build and publish public APIs the need for a developer portal is essential. The portal is written in React and made to be fully customizable. There’s native integration with Amazon Cognito User Pools as a sign-up option to allow developers to receive API keys and register for the public facing APIs. The API Gateway Serverless Developer Portal supports an array of permissions and administrative capabilities to allow certain actions on the APIs.

AWS Lambda with Application Load Balancer (ALB)

At re:Invent 2018 during Dr. Werner Vogel’s keynote, the ability to add Lambda functions as ALB targets was announced. Now lambda functions can be deployed alongside containers running in Amazon ECS or Amazon ECS for Fargate as well as traditional IaaS virtual-machines (EC2 Instances) behind a single distributed and highly available application load balancer.

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