CloudArt Founded

CloudArt was founded because there’s a need for buyers to truly understand what the public cloud has to offer. What’s the value proposition? How does my business benefit? What does the journey look like and how does it affect my business along the way?

We focus 100% on AWS to extract the best value from our partner.

Born in the Cloud

We drink our own coolaid and and are born 100% in the cloud, and completely serverless. This allows us to consume only what our customers require and pass the value in return back to you. We are an AWS consulting partner and have a plan to fill many of the competency and manager provider programs.

Full Cloud Lifecycle

We help customers through the entire lifecycle of the cloud journey. Through the planning, budgeting, migration and operation stages. Being there from the beginning allows us to completely understand the business needs and provide real outcomes for the organizations we work with.

Infrastructure-as-Code and DevOps

Everything we do takes automation and operations-as-code to facilitate support and deployment of all environments. We’ll help build pipelines for infrastructure and application testing. We’ll train your operations teams to think more like developers and understand development pain-points and lifecycle.

Every company is a software company, whether it’s consumed or produced.

Cloud Strategic Consulting

Are you looking and unsure what value the public cloud provides? Confused what the spend really is? Unsure what the path to become a born in the cloud company looks like?

We can help, visit our consulting services page for more information.

Cloud Migrations

Is your company already in the path to the cloud? Is there a strategy to migrate a subset or all applications to the cloud. We can help swift through the confusion of what best fits in the public cloud and what can best be utilized with existing investments.

We can help, visit our cloud migrations services page for more information.

Cloud Assessments

From cloud readiness assessments to current cloud deployment assessment. Do you need a second set of eyes to validate or help improve operations, design and support? We can look into the application layer, the network, the systems and storage layer of your cloud organization.

Are your costs not aligning to what the expectations originally were? We can help assess and do a complete cost analysis and optimization of your business cloud spend.

We can help, visit our cloud assessments solution page for more information.


Are you confused as to what serverless really means? Don’t worry, it’s common and just about everyone is. Though the real question is; what does it mean for your business? How does your organization take advantage of the many benefits and avoid the drawbacks?

Is it functions-as-a-service (FaaS)? Do you need to build your own platform?

We can help, visit our serverless solution page for more information.

Application Modernization

Kubernetes, Docker and Containers? What are these things? Are they the same thing? Do they bring value to my business and application teams? How do they scale and operate compared to traditional applications running in virtual-machines?

We can help you navigate the complexities and decide if it’s the right path for your business. Visit our application modernization solution page for more information.


The solutions and services provider with the focus in helping others.

  • Solve Business Problems
  • Deliver Business Outcomes
  • Become cloud-native
  • Innovate and advocate change
  • Be DevOps focused through automation and culture
  • Secure and agile
  • Have a successful cloud journey

Visit our cloud services page to find the right fit for your business.